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Defining your targets, developing your story and making a splash: We help with all aspects of marketing.

Client Services

Welcome to the wired world, where every day three million new web pages are published, the average professional receives dozens of email messages (or more), and the typical consumer is exposed to hundreds of advertisements.

In this environment, it's not enough to have a good story. The story must be told well (and told again and again) if it's to be absorbed by your targets and resonate.

Content Development and Project Management

The Corporate Storyteller helps clients develop and tell better, more differentiated stories. We develop marketing strategies and communications that leverage expertise to create buzz, build brands and generate sales — so companies like yours can be understood and successful. We provide counsel, develop content and manage projects and programs of all sizes.

Our work is grounded in rigorous qualitative and competitive research, business plan review, and other internal and external analysis. Specialties include:

Corporate and organizational story development

  • Brand positioning
  • Positioning statement development, including marketing taglines
  • Visual/graphic identity, including logos and style guides
  • Corporate, product, property and URL naming

Media relations (corporate, product, event) and social media

  • Media campaign planning and outreach, including social media engagement and community building
  • Print and video news release development
  • By-lined articles and op-ed pieces
  • Media event planning and implementation
  • Infographics
  • B-roll/video production
  • Media relations results measurement

Marketing and advertising

  • Marketing automation/automated marketing
  • Corporate and product collateral, including digital brochures, sales sheets and case studies
  • Client communications, including print and email newsletters
  • Advertising and direct mail, including digital advertising and search-engine marketing (SEM)—We are Google AdWords certified!
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing, including blogging, for engagement and community building—We are Hootsuite certified!
  • Tradeshow booth design and production
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Franchise system support

Websites and presentations

  • Mapping and content development for websites, including client extranets and employee intranets
  • Website design
  • Search-engine optimization (SEO) and search-engine marketing—We are Google AdWords certified!
  • Micro and mobile sites
  • PowerPoint, video, multimedia presentations
  • Data visualization
  • Webinars

Investor and employee communications

  • Annual report writing and project management
  • Roadshow presentations
  • Speechwriting
  • Internal/employee communications


  • Market research, including competitive research
  • Customer interviews and case studies
  • Online and offline surveys
  • Focus groups

Latino marketing/Spanish-language media relations


* With Respect to Jack Trout, a Pioneer in Positioning