We never stop thinking about our clients: In the shower, at the gym or while taking the kids to grandma's. But we never charge clients for our time in the shower!

In business as in life, nothing's better than a good story.

You Need The Corporate Storyteller When...

  • Your corporate or organizational brand story as told through your marketing communications is weak relative to the strength of your value proposition — or relative to your competitors
  • You don't know how well your brand story is resonating with customers or prospects
  • You're about to launch a new company, organization, product or service
  • You reach a critical milestone in the evolution of your organization, and need to tell people about it in the most effective ways
  • Your sales tools don't generate the results they should
  • You're not using public relations (free media), advertising (paid media) or social media to fully leverage the power of the media to tell or reinforce your brand story
  • Your corporate identity, website or other marketing tools are dated or not optimized for modern technology platforms including mobile devices and iPads
  • Your products, services or people only get mentioned in the media, not written about
  • Your company or organization is not easily found on the Internet
  • You aspire to use social media to connect with customers and prospects on a deeper level
  • You're not sure your marketing or communications program spending is appropriate relative to your goals and overall budget
  • Your website isn't enhancing your customer experience or clearly communicating your value proposition
  • You’re not sure how your customers value your products and services including their various features and benefits
  • You don't have enough staff (or any senior staff) to develop, execute or maintain necessary marketing, communications or public relations projects and programs
  • You're not fully leveraging the power of your employees, customers, referral sources and others to help tell your corporate or organizational brand story