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We never stop thinking about our clients: In the shower, at the gym or while taking the kids to grandma's. But we never charge clients for our time in the shower!

In business as in life, nothing's better than a good story.

What We've Done for Our Clients Lately...


  • Helped a regional services firm embarking on an ambitious business plan evolve its corporate positioning to more strongly differentiate itself, and integrated the firm's new positioning into a series of marketing tools including a website
  • Helped a national information services company develop measurable “metrics” that can be used by the firm to reinforce its value proposition to customers and demonstrate its business-plan success to investors and media
  • Helped a pre-IPO industrial property REIT rebrand itself with a new name, evolved company positioning, website and marketing
  • Generated more than 4,000 qualified leads for a membership organization
  • Developed a Google AdWords campaign for a business services company to generate online leads
  • Designed a conceptual framework, including layout templates, for a national public affairs advocacy advertising campaign
  • Pitched a consumer contest to a major-market TV station; the contest netted client airtime over a six-week period, generated over 2,000 entries, dozens of high-value business leads, and measurable brand awareness — supporting the advertising and direct-marketing under way concurrently
  • Named an Internet portal that will serve buyers and sellers of a particular type of real property


  • Generated client news coverage in USA Today, Bloomberg Business, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and on CNN
  • Created and executed a public relations plan for an online-product launch by a national business services company
  • Managed all aspects of event logistics and media relations for the groundbreaking of a $1-billion mixed-use real estate development
  • Developed and maintain an online newsroom as part of a national client's website to highlight media coverage that reinforces the firm's corporate positioning to media, investors, customers, employees and others


  • Created a biennial report for a national trade association; the process included developing criteria for the organization to determine its most significant accomplishments to reinforce its value proposition and retain members
  • Managed and maintain marketing content for a national company's intranet site, including RFP/RFQ response tools
  • Developed a website for a public-private partnership including 10 national real estate organizations
  • Crafted an outline for a presentation demonstrating to federal officials the benefits of a government program
  • Established an email-newsletter program for a national client with over 100,000 customers


  • Helped a national services company demonstrate the effectiveness of its products and services by researching and documenting customer success stories, including illuminating how customers valued various product features and benefits on a relative basis
  • Surveyed constituents of a national membership organization on the future direction of key plans and programs
  • Conducted a marketplace positioning study for one of the world's largest commercial real estate services organizations; the study included interviews with dozens of employees, customers and vendor-partners